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Empowering local entrepreneurs with capital, knowledge and community
The New Roots mission is to create viable businesses in low income neighborhoods through a highly capable lending institution providing loans and business technical assistance. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and are committed to delivering our services to all people, regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or national origin.
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238 enrolled in Business Preparation Class since 2012

New Roots provides microloans to refugee, immigrant and low-income entrepreneurs. The fund allows for non-traditional forms of collateral such as small household items and does not require all-inclusive business plans that non-native speakers struggle to produce. Loans are flexible to the needs of the business and seek to maximize their ability to develop, expand and function.

202 loans made from graduates

In the Seattle-King County area, the New Roots Fund has a long-term commitment to microenterprise, with over $1,000,000 loans disbursed over the years, and hundreds trained in best business practices, New Roots strives to deliver the greatest impact to the most disadvantaged people and areas of King County.

Created 316 jobs within the businesses that borrowed

New Roots provides classroom trainings, technical support and post loan assistance to ensure businesses have the greatest chance at succeeding.

Over 84% had family incomes less than 30% of the AMI index

By helping these entrepreneurs achieve self-sufficiency, New Roots Fund positively affects the economy of their community and our region. Our services reach an underserved population who possess a passion for self-determination and business.

54% of supported businesses are owned by women

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