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Culture of Philanthropy

Share in the New Roots commitment to advance underserved communities. Your gift ensures continued access to credit, training and a supportive community. 


To learn more about how you can volunteer or donate in-kind contact us at 206-323-3152 or email us, or click donate if you're ready to get involved. New Roots is a 501c3, all donations are tax deductible.


Immigrants and refugees represent a vast well of individual initiative. But to capture this entrepreneurial drive and nurture it, our clients have to overcome inherent challenges: lack of English proficiency (especially the business terminology necessary for operating a business), feelings of insecurity about institutions that lend, lack of financial literacy, capital, credit history and knowledge of U.S. requirements related to starting and running a business, as well as lack of support from family and community, given the fragility and instability of those support systems especially during the first few years in the United States.




New Roots products and services seeks to overcome these barriers and offer the greatest chance at success for new and current businesses

Over the last seven years over 10,000 refugee adults have moved to the Seattle area. We know from research that around 12% are interested in self-employment or 1,272 refugee adults who represent a core population who are interested in starting a business. If we include immigrants that number increases tenfold to over 10,000 possible entrepreneurs. 




We know from data collected on household income and assets of previous borrowers that their business and household economic condition improved.

New Roots would like to expand and offer greater opportunities to the thousands of potential entrepreneurs in the Seattle area. 

There are many ways to participate and share in the successes and challenges of the New Roots Community. To ensure that our services remain affordable to the people we serve you can volunteer your time and expertise by emailing us  or through a financial contribution to our nonprofit.

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